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Squirrels Duel

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the animal world. It’s get what you can for me and mine as quick as you can before you die (or are killed by the other guy who’s quicker…). It’s a game of king of … Continue reading

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Don’t Curse It…but Don’t Bless It Either

When a human institution mixes obvious failings with good intentions and misses the mark of God’s ideal; do we call down the fire of His wrath or do we bless them for the little bit they might get right? Must … Continue reading

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At the gates of the Kingdom of God.

If the Kingdom of God existed as a physical place with borders on this planet or somewhere else in the universe, and you were standing at its gates, would you want to enter?  I’ve considered my life, my background and … Continue reading

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Shooter may not be right-wing, but his NRA enablers are.

I’ll say very little in response to another bloody sacrifice at the altar of america’s idolatry of gun rights.  Jesus’ words and my artistic reworking of an iconic image will suffice.  “Put your sword back into its place; for all … Continue reading

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