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Palestine/Israel: Tears and Blood

Many hearts around the world, including mine, break and sigh under the cloud of violent news coming from Palestine/Israel. Interceding and beseeching God seems to be the only thing to do anymore. The supposed “neutral” arbiters seem more impotent than a dead … Continue reading

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Shooter may not be right-wing, but his NRA enablers are.

I’ll say very little in response to another bloody sacrifice at the altar of america’s idolatry of gun rights.  Jesus’ words and my artistic reworking of an iconic image will suffice.  “Put your sword back into its place; for all … Continue reading

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One reason I must be anti-war

For my first ‘art of dissent’ entry, I submit an anti-war piece.  America’s love-fest with preparing for and waging war continues to force me into protest-artist mode.  (My very first protest art piece can be seen at I am … Continue reading

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