Some presumptuous atheists…

spaceImgRecently I discovered the spiritually/intellectually inspiring debate program, Intelligence Squared. The program listing and past programs can be accessed via their site or NPR. I’ve begun listening to recent debates via Itunes podcasts. A recent one, “Science Refutes God”; despite its title, actually strengthened my belief in God.

The audience thought differently and gave the atheists the ‘win’, but I found their arguments to be rather pathetic in the face of the infinite universe and the Science behind it. (Ironically what they’ve devoted their lives too…) Some of the comments on the debate’s page bring this out as well. (like this – When science can create a life form in a test tube, then they can win the debate.)  I thought D’Souza did a better job in trying to trip up the atheists in the arrogance of their position, but I could see how the audience may have thought he was being too preacher-pushy and reacted against that via their vote.

What really stood out was the non-believing scientists presuming that they, as mere humans, can decide they have enough evidence to refute God. The audacity of that position is staggering when you consider how little they know about the infinite universe. (A scientific fact that all scientists adamantly support because their studies continually show them how little they know!) In fact, in modern cosmological terms it’s even expanding! Yet they’re sure that their smidgen of collected scientific knowledge is enough to make the possibility of God seem irrational… The universe’s breadth and depth is increasing, and these guys think that because they haven’t yet explained every atom, jot and tittle of it, that they can declare that the belief in a Being beyond it and them is highly unlikely.  Amazing…

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