Squirrels Duel

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the animal world. It’s get what you can for me and mine as quick as you can before you die (or are killed by the other guy who’s quicker…). It’s a game of king of the hill or in this case, king of the bird seed perch. God’s creation is marvelous and it speaks of His glory; but it is broken and I don’t believe this squirrel fight represents His ideal. Animals and humans were not meant to live this way. Social darwinism and its survival of the fittest competitiveness that permeates all aspects of modern life, including churches — is not the ideal way for any of God’s creation to live…

And yet I hear in the tone and verbiage coming from some who not only believe that this kind of existence is natural, but that in someways it’s even desirable! I hear this from some who have been influenced by tea party/libertarian notions of an ideal society where men are free to do what they want with little or no accountability to anybody but themselves or a few close cohorts. I can’t find that tone of anti-authority, anti-accountability, anti-peace, anti-community, and anti-mutual aid in Scripture, can you?


About Andrew Zook

Artist dad husband writer progressive post-evangelical emergent Anabaptist graphic designer web designer reader video editor
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