Blog Recommendation: Anabaptists Live

lone traveler standing in desert and approaching oasisA number of months ago, I was blessed to attend the first Anabaptist Identity Conference held in Pennsylvania, an event traditionally held in Sarasota Florida.  More recently I found that a blog/site, Anabaptists Live, has been set up that features audio of numerous speakers and sessions from past years.  Although I disagree with some of the practical applications and emphases encouraged by the speakers, I do find myself heartily agreeing in principle with many of them.  I especially recommend the speakers John D Martin, Chester Weaver and Roger Hertzler.

John D Martin’s Kingdom of God talks, which I’ve heard in person and via Shippensburg Christian Fellowship’s website have been particularly formative in my understandings of the kingdom of God.  It has been refreshment at an oasis pool in the midst of my wanderings in the american evangelical wilderness and tastings from the bitter flask of agnosticism.  Check out the talks at Anabaptists Live and be challenged and changed.


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