Children hinder employment chances – reason – health care costs

During a job interviewing 101 class at my local career center there was one item in the discussion that drew my mind back to the tumultuous health care debate of August 2010. Our instructor cautioned us to avoid answering interview questions concerning our children—even if asked point blank. He suggested ways to deflect questions concerning our kids because— a) it’s against the law for interviewers to ask questions about your children and b) the reason they are asking is because of health insurance concerns. At that moment I didn’t have the time to think about the related implications, but I thought about it later and my reaction is…cartoon of protesters holding signs advocating money and business over kids

Way to go anti-health care reform, pro-family, pro-life and pro-business tea partiers and conservatives! So the american capitalist business system you worship so zealously considers children to be a career impediment? So job seekers like me must keep our family situations a secret in order to have any shot at meaningful, gainful employment? What a sicko system we have—on numerous levels—including the resistance to any meaningful change/reform by this country’s conservative crowd. I know you stand on the street corners like the scribes and Pharisees loudly proclaiming your pro-life, pro-family sentiments, but everything else you stand for implies that being single, childless and unmarried is the only way to really get ahead in this system.

 Your pro-corporate and pro-consumerist values continue to undermine and devastate families and children across this country—at all class levels.  When I say that I’m not referring to your opposition of social safety nets, etc.  No, I am talking about your adoration for our corporate-state capitalist system that promotes long working hours, cheap labor, outsourcing, no family leave time, deregulation, little to no benefits, huge income disparity, limited transportation options and countless other little and subtle exploitations for the benefit of the elite ownership class.  You may ‘vote’ pro-family, but your american capitalist ideology values capital, personal property and power more than family or the kingdom of God and the world knows it. Maybe that’s why the word “hypocrites” comes so easily to the lips of those describing american religious conservatives.


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