What I wish someone would say to Palin and Co.

Sketch cartoon of palin 3:16 banner in stands behind football uprights

Sarah Palin spoke recently at a Philadelphia area Christian school.  Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News gives his assessment of the event at his Attytood blog.  I’m sure some of what she said was great and inspirational, but according to Will her basic message was; “America is exceptional and God chose US to be exceptional, and teaching, defending and imposing that notion is a necessary and sacred duty.”  Your toes may smart with this, but I believe Palin is a false teacher/prophet and her message is exceptionally dangerous in its deceptive mix of God and country.  Here’s what I wish someone would say to Palin and the crowds who idolize her.

Luke 10:27, “He answered: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

When I compare what God cares about and what many of His so-called followers here in america care about, I have to wonder how we continue to get away with it. In dinner, reunion, and church conversations, a whole litany of american sacred cultural cows and conventional wisdoms seem to hold greater value than the things valued in God’s kingdom.  Here is what I’d like to say to those who claim to follow Christ, but who also cling to american cultural values as part of their ‘faith’.

  • God doesn’t care about America’s “status” in the world. He could care less if we’re number one or number three hundred. He doesn’t care if America is slipping down from it’s superpower perch. He only cares about His kingdom and its health and growth
  • God doesn’t care about your right to bear arms or your definition of liberty or your right to pursue “happiness”. He only cares if you’re loving Him and your neighbor with all your heart. That’s the only service (right) you have.
  • God doesn’t care if the US is changed from the inside out by legal or illegal immigration. He doesn’t care if the lingua franca changes to Spanglish or something else. He only cares if you invite, love and feed the stranger in your midst.
  • God doesn’t care about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence. He did not inspire them or its writers. He only cares about you knowing and living His Word, His kingdom blueprint as hinted at in the OT and more fully detailed in the NT.
  • God doesn’t care if the Founding Fathers acted pious or added christianeze to their writings. All of that didn’t “hook” Him into “blessing” them and it certainly doesn’t work as a talisman now. He only cares if you’re blessing your corner of the globe with the blessings and fruits of the Kingdom, now.
  • God doesn’t care about your rallies to ‘Restore Honor’ or National Day of Prayer…or any of the other similar “national” civil-religious window-dressings you use to prop up the lies of God favored exceptionalism.  He only wants you to pray secretly and continually. He doesn’t want your allegiance split between His kingdom and the religion of America.
  • God doesn’t care about your pathetic attempts to get media attention in order to “get your message out there”. He only cares if you’re humbly serving Him and others rather than trying to attract the spotlight.
  • Finally, God doesn’t care about a tiny patch of real estate at the junction of the West and the Middle East colonized and overlorded by a secular-nation-state called ‘Israel’. His only concern is if souls who happen to live in that part of the world are turning to follow Him and imitating Him. The extent to which that patch of land has any Kingdom significance is purely a construct of the western christian imagination that rejects Jesus Christ’s decisive closure of the OT era and all its ceremonial and land based trappings.

All God cares about is if people everywhere/anywhere are turning to Him and choosing to follow Him in every possible area of life. He cares only about establishing His lowly, non-political, multi-ethnic/racial/lingual, no-one-in-need, nonviolent, life-giving, sacrificial, borderless, creative, reconciling/restoring, beautiful Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven, all for His glory. That’s it. God’s kingdom doesn’t need or want all that other american sacred cow dung the Palin faithful are mucking around in all the time.


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