Welcome to the Persistent K.o.G.

Greetings to all.  You are reading the very first post at The Persistent K.o.G.  My name is Andrew Zook and I’ve been commenting  on discussion boards for a number of years, and felt the need for a more formal platform for my opinions and convictions.  I’ve also been gathering and storing info, opinions, reactions and thoughts  in the hope of ‘publishing’  them in a real world setting someday.  That day has arrived.

sketch cartoon of amishman giving peace sign and saying peace and love dude

"Peace and love, dude!"

Upfront, this blog’s continuously running theme will be King Jesus and His Kingdom, here and in heaven.  Of particular interest will be the Kingdom of God as it relates to the globalized american empire.  Other aspects concerning the Kingdom of God, past and present, will be wrestled with as well.

My hope in this blogging experience is that my understandings, opinions and discoveries, or the quotes of much better writers-thinkers will challenge you to deeper rumination and examination.  I don’t expect a lot of agreement because I’ll readily admit some of it will be pretty ‘far out’, and at times even hyperbolic.  (For better or worse my writing at times exhibits some sarcasm/cynicism).  I don’t intend to win any arguments either (or engage in many either: post commenting will be limited…)  So if you read or see something here that outrages you, or befuddles you, or haunts your mind, or raises irksome questions, or makes you laugh out loud… that’s when my posting here will seem most successful.



About Andrew Zook

Artist dad husband writer progressive post-evangelical emergent Anabaptist graphic designer web designer reader video editor
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