The Persistent K.o.G’s philosophical guiding lights

lighthouse silhouette at dusk sunset as backgroundThe kingdom of God is vast.  Jesus told the woman at the well, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”  The kingdom of God is marvelous and words cannot fully comprehend it, but even Paul and many others after him could not keep their pens from trying.  I will not claim divine inspiration, but the awesomeness and mystery of the kingdom of God compels me to express through words or visuals some of my reactions, emotions and thoughts relating to the present reality of the kingdom of God.  This helps me at least bring a sense of tangibility to something that otherwise can be frustratingly abstract.

At the outset I want to make known some of the ‘guiding lights’ or foundations that will inform and influence the discussions  here at The Persistent K.o.G.  Much of what is later wrestled into actual postings will likely tie back into some of these understandings.    Some of these may induce cries of heresy from some quarters, but if it makes you think harder or even if it helps you solidify your own convictions, then may God be praised and my ideas forgotten.  Drum roll….the Persistent K.o.G’s guiding lights.

  • The kingdom of God became reality when God as Jesus Christ proclaimed it over 2000 yrs ago…it is not meant just for the millenium reign…it is now…
  • If it doesn’t talk/act/sound or look like Jesus then it’s probably not part of the kingdom of God.
  • The Bible is not ‘flat’
  • Faith and trust in Jesus however small, and any attempt at imitating Him is more important in the Kingdom of God than getting one’s theology right.
  • Communal values/community is more important in the kingdom of God than individualism.
  • Wealth and worldly power are not wanted or needed for the advance of the kingdom of God.  (Jesus pretty much excludes them entirely from the kingdom)
  • Faith and reason can and should mix.  Rational/critical thinking are spiritual acts.
  • American/Western culture never was or ever will be history’s closest expression of the kingdom of God.
  • Pointing out the negative in/of something (critique – quality control) is a step towards a better way.

These ideas are not originals of mine but are the result of my anabaptist background,  life observations, input of acquaintances and the reading of other spirit-filled authors better than I.  The recorded words of Jesus and the New Testament authors are primary, but others have been influential as well.  Consider authors cited as an ongoing book recommendation posting.

In closing I want to thank you for reading the Persistent K.o.G.  There are many ways to worship the wonders of God, and for me deep thinking and deep writing are expressions of worship/spirituality.  It helps my mind stay focused on the King and his kingdom.  Lord willing, out of this mash-up of intellectualism, imagination and the kingdom of God, will arise ideas for living lifestyles that will bring forth in greater measure the kingdom of God to our distressed, groaning world.


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